Elkhart’s Hawthorne Elementary to become a pre-K facility

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Community Schools)

The Elkhart Community Schools Board has made a decision about the future of Hawthorne Elementary.

The Trustees voted 5-2 Tuesday evening to turn the school into a pre-K center.

This also redistricts attendance boundaries for other schools in the district. The board members who opposed the vote said the ECS needs to focus more on students and retaining teachers, and several parents who attended the meeting voiced their opposition after the vote.

More than 500 students attend Hawthorne, and they and their teachers will be sorted into the remaining schools in the district.


  1. Elkhart School Board: We need more money to keep schools open, so please pass our referendum.

    Also Elkhart School Board: Here is a new pre-K center that we are providing even though we don’t have the money to fund our other schools.

    Is it any wonder that nobody takes the ECSB seriously?

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