National average price for diesel gasoline has increased

Gas prices have exceeded $4 a gallon in recent days across Michigan. (logoboom/Adobe Stock)

The national average price for diesel gasoline has increased to $5.34 per gallon, which GasBuddy says is an all-time high.

The cheapest price for diesel gasoline in Indiana is at various gas stations across the state selling it for $4.69 in Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, and South Bend, among other places.

“Keep in mind that there is a trickle down effect. These prices are affecting what you buy in the grocery store, the hardware store, whether you’re taking a plane, a train, this is going to have an effect on what you buy at the store the next time you go,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

He says a continued rise in inflation will likely “ripple across the economy.” The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine continues to keep prices high, mainly because Russia is the second largest producer of oil and many countries have placed sanctions on Russian oil for attacking Ukraine.

“We are heading to summer driving season and demand is up. Diesel demand is up. It is a continued imbalance between supply and demand. Global oil inventories are also at their lowest level in years,” said DeHaan.

On Monday, GasBuddy reported that gas prices went up in Michigan to $4.39.

“Usually Indiana is right on the heels of a price increase in Michigan. If you’re low on and fuel and you can get to a station that’s $3.85 or less, I recommend filling up before they go back up to above $4 per gallon,” said DeHaan.

GasBuddy says the average price for gas across Indiana is $4.04. It is $3.94 in Evansville, $3.97 in Indianapolis, and $3.98 in Fort Wayne.


  1. “The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine continues to keep prices high”

    I call BS, the prices are a direct result of Joe Biden’s war on oil that he has been waging since his first day in office. Biden and the Democrats are ENTIRELY to blame for this.

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