Anti-gun violence event, taking place in Elkhart

(Photo supplied/City of Elkhart)

An anti-gun violence event is taking place is taking place in Elkhart on Saturday, May 7.

The Best of us Foundation and the City of Elkhart are partnering together to advocate against gun violence.

Organizers say that Mayor Roberson, community activists, and pastors will be speaking.

Yard signs and wrist bands will also be given out.

In addition, they will also provide information about COVID 19 vaccinations and testing locations.

The event will take place at Roosevelt Park from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m.


  1. Why the focus on gun violence? Are all other types of violence fine? Or is this just an extension of the national leftist agenda to disarm all Americans?

    After all, they cannot impose their socialist “utopia” on an armed populace…

    • No one is saying other types of violence are fine. And no one is saying end gun rights. Violence involving guns leads to death at a much higher rate than other types of violence.
      How can anyone have a problem with this unless they are pro gun-violence?

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