Indiana, top half, “Best States for Police Officers”

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay
The state of Indiana ranks in the top half of the country in a study released by Wallethub called “Best States for Police Officers.”
Wallethub says they used data including the median income for law-enforcement officers, police deaths per 1,000 officers, and state and local police-protection expenses per capital, among other things.
Indiana is ranked 22nd. The State of Michigan ranked 26th.
Connecticut is ranked the best state for police officers. Arkansas was ranked the worst.


  1. This study totally neglects the environment the officers have to work in. Elkhart is touting their “police reform”, and the usual result of those types of initiatives is a toxic environment where cops can’t arrest certain people based on group membership.

    Most of Indiana’s blue crapholes (like Elkhart) are moving this direction, and it’s a bad time to be a cop in those places.


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