Jackie Walorski statement on rising gas prices in Michiana

(Photo Supplied/Rep. Jackie Walorski)

Second District Representative Jackie Walorski has released the following statement as gas prices rose to nearly $5 per gallon in Michiana.

“As gas reaches nearly $5 per gallon in Michiana, Hoosier families are feeling pain at the pump and beyond. In Indiana and across the country, Americans are being forced to make tough choices every day while fuel prices jump to new records. When we need them most, our vital farmers and truck drivers are getting crushed by out-of-control diesel costs.

“On the campaign trail, the president promised to kill America’s booming energy industry – and now he has delivered a cruel ‘incredible transition’ to skyrocketing fuel costs. Instead of pipelines, the Biden Administration has given us delusional pipe dreams. This summer, the American people will pay a steep cost for Joe Biden’s War on Energy.”

In LaPorte, gas prices are at $4.99 per gallon. On Tuesday, the national average for gas hit another new high of $4.62 per gallon, according to AAA data.


  1. What is the point of the statement? Does she think we need to be reminded of what it costs. It’s not only cars though. What about all the farm equipment? I have yet to see any tractors, combines, balers etc that are not run on gas/ diesel fuel. Higher fuel prices, higher food prices. From the farmer, all the way to the market. Jackie, we already know what’s going on. Your statement was a waste of time reading it.

  2. Reading comprehension much?

    “When we need them most, our vital farmers and truck drivers are getting crushed by out-of-control diesel costs.”

  3. So Jackie what are you doing about it? Complaining and point out the obvious does nothing for no one….typical politician
    Good grief

    • What do you suggest? I’d say calling attention to Biden’s failure is a good start, but clearly you have an action plan in mind.

  4. No matter what Jackie thinks should be done she is not in control of anything. Elections have consequences. Allowing a Dolt in the Oval Office and giving the Dolt Party control of both houses of congress isn’t a good way to protect our interests. There is a gas station on every corner. The People understand the cost of fuel. They will understand it again when their electric bill or their gas bill arrives in their mailbox.

    All Jackie, Todd, or Mike can do is pontificate. EXCEPT Mike and Todd could have voted NO on every Biden Nominee. I hold them responsible for most of the pain Biden has created.

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