Democratic prosecutors, pressing charges in abortion cases

("My Trusty Gavel" by Brian Turner, CC BY 2.0)
Democratic prosecutors in Indiana are asking lawmakers not to force them to choose about pressing charges in abortion cases.
Marion County’s prosecutor has already said he won’t press charges against women or doctors if Indiana bans abortions.
Prosecutors in Lake County, which is the second largest Democratic county in the state, say they will examine each case individually based on what the state’s new abortion law will be. Monroe County’s Democratic prosecutors says she will follow state law, but is asking lawmakers not to criminalize abortion in the state.


  1. These same Democrat nitwits will not hesitate to prosecute Citizens over unconstitutional #2A infringements, but will squawk like chickens about prosecuting someone over a proper law?

    It’s no wonder all these deep blue cities are crapholes…

  2. So democrat’s want to pick and choose over violations of a law. If they are allowed to do this with abortions, what is next? Breaking and entering, car jacking, drug sales? The law is the law. PERIOD. democrat’s want to live like animals in a lawless “society”, move to the west coast. Me, I’m waiting for the earthquake.

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