Federal meal funding to expire: Schools looking at what’s next

("Apples" by Jeremy Keith, CC BY 2.0)

Local school districts are looking at their options as federal funding for free meals is coming to a close.

The federal program is scheduled to come to a close at the end of September, according to WSBT. There are other programs in place for students to receive free meals if they are eligible.

Most schools operate on a three-tier system based on income levels for free, reduced, or full priced meals. There is also a fresh fruit and vegetable program called FFVP that provides healthy snacks to eligible elementary schools.

Schools in South Bend will continue food programs this year through a different federal program.


  1. If the parents can’t feed their children they shouldn’t have had them in the first place. When I was going to public schools my parents fed me at home first. I eather had lunch money or a sack lunch.

    The parents are responsible for their children eating and not government schools. Hire more Child Protective Services Agents to investigate why the parents are neglecting to feed their children. That’s child abuse !

    The same parents find money for unnecessary expenditures instead of feeding their minor dependent children.

  2. I drive past three schools everyday. I have yet to see a student that appears to be missing any meals. Go into any school at lunchtime and look at all the healthy food being thrown into the trash. Few are allowed in the schools these days but look in the dumpster if you can’t get inside. Ask the custodians.

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