Rep. Upton secures grant for train bridges

By Adam E. Moreira (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Outgoing Congressman Fred Upton has secured a grant to replace train bridges along southern Michigan.

The grant is for $1.5 million, and has been earmarked to replace five bridges along the state-owned Kalamazoo to Dearborn rail corridor.

Upton’s office tells WSJM that the funds will be used for preliminary engineering and preparation of National Environmental Policy Act documents for bridges used by Amtrak’s Wolverine and Blue Water trains. Amtrak and MDOT will provide 25% matching funds.

Upton says the line is a vital part of the connection between Detroit, Kalamazoo, Chicago, and all points west.

Funding comes from the 2021 Fiscal Year Federal State Partnership State of Good Repair Grant Program.



  1. The Federal grant program needs to be eliminated. Why should the TAXPAYERS pay for TRAIN BRIDGES? Let the rail companies pay for their own routes.

  2. Who rides the trains if they actually want to get somewhere at a reasonably predictable time? If you take the train there typically is no place to rent a car. Shockingly South Bend International Airport got that right!

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