Confidence in retirement savings

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Confidence in having enough savings for retirement has gone down.

WalletHub has released it’s best and worst places to retire in the states.

The personal-finance website compered cities, based on affordability, quality of life, and health care.

The city with the highest number residents 65 and older is Pearl City, Hawaii.

The city with the lowest is Irving, Texas.

Brownsville, Texas, has the lowest adjusted cost-of-living index for retirees.

San Francisco, California, was the city with the highest.

In regards to workers ages 65 and older, Plano, Texas has the most and Gulfport, Mississippi had the least.

St. Louis has the most home health care facilities.

Fontana, California, has the fewest.


  1. Econ 101, supply and demand. It turns out that also applies to currency, so when the government arbitrarily creates trillions of dollars, the dollars in existence are suddenly worth less. Who’d a thunk it! Even the “highly educated” people running the Federal Reserve were shocked by this, despite the fact that a bunch of hayseeds in flyover country accurately predicted this stunning development.

    It’s almost like they are doing this on purpose for some reason…

  2. Stop printing money that doesn’t exist out of thin air. The federal career politicians create hyperinflation. Most of them are millionaires since they got in office. Higher prices don’t effect them too much.

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