Notre Dame Police officers wearing body cameras

(Photo Supplied/Notre Dame)

Notre Dame Police Department’s officers are wearing body cameras.

They started using the cams over the summer and paired them with the dash cameras used in patrol vehicles.

Notre Dame’s vice president for campus safety, Mike Seamon, says that the use of body cams by police officers is a step in the right direction for the safety of officers and community members.

Officials say that safety is a top priority at Notre Dame and they are working to create a safer campus environment.


  1. Body cameras are funny because “community leaders” complained when police didn’t have them, they claimed it let the police act inappropriately. Then the police got them, the cameras showed the police behaving and the criminals acting inappropriately, and those same “community leaders” started complaining about “privacy” even though they weren’t concerned about it before.

    It’s all about protecting the narrative of the left.

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