Report: Long John Silver’s fined for stealing city water from Elkhart


An Elkhart restaurant was fined on Tuesday for stealing city water.

The $1,000 fine was levied against the Long John Silver’s location on Cassopolis Street.

An inspection on March 15 discovered that the restaurant had bypassed the city’s water meter by installing a straight pipe, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth.

Photos provided to the Board of Public Works showed the meter sitting on the floor next to the plumbing that it should have been monitoring, The Elkhart Truth reported.

The meter had not been attached for 2 months, and officials said the bypass appeared to have been intentional, The Elkhart Truth reported.

Read more about the situation from The Elkhart Truth.


  1. Why not prosecute the individual that did this as well as the manager that allowed it? It is stealing…Was anyone fired? Prosecute the owner as well if not.

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