Ways to Advertise with 95.3 MNC

Radio Commercials – Terrestrial & Stream

Market your business through a high frequency campaign on our radio and online stream stations! We offer top notch creative and production services so that your commercial stands out against your competition to reach your potential customers.

Radio Promotional Sponsorships

Amplify your brand with our highly visible radio promotional sponsorships! Reach a vast audience, boost visibility, and connect with potential customers.

Event Marketing

We’re known for bringing highly trafficked events to our community.  Maximize your visibility by sponsoring our events to connect with our engaged listeners and fans.   Expand reach, attract attendees, and create buzz. Unleash the potential of event marketing now!

Digital Contesting & Content Marketing

Use our tools to collect first party data and develop an email database that allow you to nurture consumers as they travel through the consumer journey.  Our integrated solutions allow you to combine all elements of your marketing; traditional, digital and content, so that you can see a return on your investment.

Blog Management

Elevate your online presence with expert blog management! Blogs benefit your business by giving engaging content, SEO optimization, and timely updates. Let us handle the writing while you reap the rewards.

Email Campaign Management

Finding time to manage your email database can be difficult.  Let us tackle this for you!  We offer customized strategies to engage your database, build brand loyalty and drive more foot and online traffic to your business.

Online Presence Management

Boost your brand’s influence with comprehensive online presence management! Online directory maintenance, reputation enhancement, and strategic engagement are all part of our FDS Local solution.  Let us make sure that your business is found no matter where the consumer is searching!

Podcast Development & Sponsorship

Unleash the potential of your brand with expert podcast development and sponsorship opportunities! Engage audiences, expand reach, and create lasting connections through captivating audio content.

Influencer Marketing

It’s all the rage right now but did you know that our local talent have been influencers for decades. Their listeners love them and follow them religiously. You don’t have to have a famous person from Hollywood to run an influencer campaign. Our local on air talent can give you the boost you need by influencing via radio and social media.