Affordable Care Act premiums going up overall in Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The cost of health insurance through Affordable Care Act marketplaces in Indiana could creep up by an average of about 5 percent next year.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports two insurers that participate in the marketplace have requested rate increases.

State officials have yet to sign off on the increases, which won’t be finalized until fall.

CareSource Indiana Inc. is seeking an average rate increase of 10.2 percent, for an average monthly premium of $540. Celtic Insurance Co. is seeking an average rate decrease of 0.5 percent, for an average monthly premium of $479.

The average increase sought is 5.1 percent, but specific plans could be higher.

The proposed increases are much less than last year, when insurers received approval for rate hikes between 20 percent and 36 percent.


  1. Of course they are…it was all part of the plan to force us on a socialized government run health care system, what better way to control the population? And I mean control in both its meanings, control of the size and location and control of the individual.

    Remember come election day that NY Joe Donnelly voted for this every time it came up. He was always a good lapdog for his leftist leaders.

  2. The aca is the death of what has been the greatest healthcare system in the world.

    Socialism, in whatever form it appears, is ALWAYS bad and ALWAYS fails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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