Indiana Health Commissioner pushes expected peak into May


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s health commissioner says actions aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus have pushed back the expected peak of illnesses in the state and given hospitals more time to prepare.

The COVID-19 death toll for Indiana has reached at least 350 people as health officials on Monday reported seven additional deaths.

Previous projections had shown Indiana could be seeing a surge of illnesses as early as this week, but Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box says that is now expected in late April for the Indianapolis area and the first weeks of May for rest of the state.


  1. Maaaan y’all need to make y’all mind up on when we at the peak with this crap… starting to think y’all bullsh**ing and guessing sh*t at this point…. China got u mfers on the hills smh…. WE NEED TO DO BETTER U.S.

  2. We will just continue to pray and strive to be safe by staying at home as much as possible, and use all the precautionary measures that Dr Box and the doctors and nurses On TV and the internet videos have taught us. I admire the governor and his team members for their strong efforts to fight this battle, and keeping us informed on a daily basis. God bless you all.

  3. Let me get this straight
    They are basing the park in mid May so they can prepare hospitals?.. I thought this virus wasn’t controlled by the government. So let’s tell it to stop spreading so we can prepare hospitals. Sure OK I believe you. 🤔

  4. How do you expect us small businesses to survive this? I am a dog groomer and our business has been closed for almost a month now. And the $6500.00 PPP loan is not going to go very far for us! In the meantime we have at least two grooming shops open here in Plymouth. What gives?

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