Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry asking for extra deer meat this season


Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry is asking for help from hunters this season.

The organization, which provides protein to food banks and soup kitchens across Indiana, is asking both hunters and land owners to donate their extra deer meat to a participating meat processor that’ll then process it and ship it to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry for free.

ABC 57 News reports there are currently 85 processing plants throughout the Hoosier State that are partnered with the organization, including some in Michiana.

To learn more, and to find a meat processing plant near you, visit HoosiersFeedingTheHungry.org.


  1. When folks have no cell phones, flat screen TVs, cable, internet multiple autos, etc and then can’t feed their kids let’s talk. “Poverty” in America is a world wide joke.

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