St. Joseph County mask order extended to May 27

(Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Health Department)

The St. Joseph County Health Office has extended the COVID mask order through May 27.

Dr. Robert Einterz renewed the mask order Monday afternoon, which calls for people to wear masks in any enclosed public place or workplace.

Einterz said that there should be no further extension beyond that date. The order had been set to expire on Wednesday.

The new order also calls on businesses to continue to have hand sanitizer available at entrances for customers. He also made mention in his statement of the recent rise in cases of COVID variants from California and the UK.


  1. The tyrants just can;t allow themselves to end their tyranny can they. The mask orders and shutdown have cause more damage to this country than the virus has.
    The irony is for the stooges running things is that most people are IGNORING the tyrannical orders coming from government hacks. Yes hacks, These people couldn’t get a regular job outside the closed system of government.

    THEY LIE all the time. The vaccine is sold as a preventative. Yet Darth Fauci, Let the Farce be with You, all want people to still wear their mask. The vaccine is not a preventative. it only makes it less likely you go to the hospital if you get the virus. Yet the death rate is is very low fort hose who are infected.

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