Indiana DNR still unable to identify disease killing birds

(Cathy Jimenez)

The Indiana DNR is still searching for a reason behind the death of numerous songbirds across the Hoosier State, and they’re asking the public to help keep the birds from gathering in backyards.

The sick and dying songbirds have shown neurological signs of illness, such as tremors, stumbling, weakness and lethargy along with also displaying crusty discharge around the eyes.

According to the IndyStar, officials with the Indiana DNR still are not yet sure what the cause of the illness is, but the birds have tested negative for West Nile virus and avian influenza, as well as for other conditions such as: flaviviruses, salmonella, chlamydia, Newcastle disease virus, herpesviruses, poxviruses and Trichomanas parasites.

More than 400 birds have been reported showing signs of illness, and Hoosier residents are being asked to keep bird baths and bird feeders inside. If the birds aren’t gathering at them they are less likely to infect each other. It’s “social distancing for songbirds.”


  1. Our matinace man at 100 n. Center st. HiRise apartment said he found 3 dead Woodpeckers. It’s terrible these birds are dyeing I hope they find out why soon! What about the Hummingbirds? We haven’t seen as many of them

  2. Will the DNR let us know when it is safe to resume feeding the birds? I have had feeders up for over 20 years and I really miss the birds. I’ve taken my feeders down and the birds seem perplexed.

  3. I live by the tracks on 4th in Mishawaka. I’ve not seen any large bird in the sky in over 3 weeks. This includes Turkey Buzzards. That “Always circling around the tracks”. I’m concerned.

  4. What is taking so long to identify what is killing our birds? It has been way too long. And what is different in Hamilton county as opposed to counties that are allowed to feed

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