Groups, including Black Lives Matter-South Bend, calling for South Bend Schools Superintendent to lose job

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)
Black Lives Matter-South Bend, the NAACP South Bend Branch and the Michiana Alliance are calling for South Bend Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings to lose his job.
The groups gathered, on Monday, June 20, in front of the school corporation building to call on the school board to fire Cummings, who, they say is failing Black students.
They say his Memorandum of Understanding with local police violates students’ constitutional rights, and that he’s targeted well-respected Black administrators for challenging him.
They also say he lied on his resume and misrepresented himself to get the Superintendent position.
They’re also upset about the district’s facilities management plan options that they argue fails to address Black student achievement nor demonstrate how the corporation will increase enrollment.
So far, there’s been no reaction from Cummings or the district.


  1. South Bend schools, for generations, have not done as good a job in education as other local schools. This is a fact. These blanket accusations need to be filled out with specifics. I hope ANY leader challenges and demands performance from ANY employee of ANY color. It is for the good f the children

  2. So BLM can shamelessly advocate for blacks, worrying only about black students and black administrators… But if whites advocated for white students and white administrators, all hell would break loose from the loony left! The double standard is appalling.

    The fact is, Cummings is failing EVERYONE as any sane person knew he would. BLM had no problem with Cummings’ promise to trample white students with his policies, and this makes me think they are a very racist organization.

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