South Bend Common Council files appeal in ongoing police tapes case

(Tommie Lee/MNC)

The South Bend Common Council is appealing the latest police tapes ruling to the Indiana Supreme Court.

The Council has been fighting in court for a decade to force the city to hand over the tapes, which allegedly contain recorded phone calls with police officers using racist comments and discussing illegal activity.

The former officers on the tapes have sought to block the release of the tapes, citing wiretapping laws and violation of their privacy.

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in June that officers have standing in the case, overturning a May 2021 ruling from a St. Joseph County Superior Court Judge. Monday the Common Council filed an appeal saying that judge’s ruling was correct, and the former officers do not have standing. It isn’t known if the State Supreme Court will take up the case or not.


  1. How many MILLIONS have been spent on attorneys This shows if you have the money for attorneys ( in this case your tax dollars) you can delay delay delay

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