Grocery store prices are rising on several foods, Indiana Farm Bureau survey says

Shoppers are spending more money on popular grocery items this April compared to last year, according to a new survey from the Indiana Farm Bureau

The survey shows the total cost of 16 food items up $1.22 on average, compared to the survey last fall, and up more than $4 compared to the survey conducted the same time last year.

The increase is despite the fact that farm income, particularly regarding grain prices, has been in decline for more than a year.

“Many people are under the impression that increases in grocery store prices are the result of higher on-farm prices. But that is often not the case, and this quarter’s survey is an example of that misconception,” Isabella Chism, Indiana Farm Bureau second vice president, said.

Items showing retail price increases from last fall were:

  • Deli ham, up $1.25 to $6.34 per pound.
  • Ground chuck, up 24 cents to $4.46 per pound.
  • Sirloin tip roast, up 15 cents to $5.57 per pound.
  • Orange juice, up 43 cents to $3.67 per half-gallon.
  • Eggs, up 24 cents to $2.10 per dozen.
  • Flour, up 13 cents to $2.46 for a 5-pound bag.
  • Apples, up 15 cents to $1.87 per pound.
  • Bagged salad, up 9 cents to $1.95 per 1-pound bag.
  • Vegetable oil, up 34 cents to $3 for a 32-ounce bottle.
  • Toasted oat cereal, up 8 cents to $2.88 a 9-ounce box.
  • White bread, up 15 cents to $1.53 per 20-ounce loaf.

These items showed retail price decreases compared to last fall:

  • Bacon, down 89 cents to $3.96 per pound.
  • Whole milk, down 44 cents to $2.81 per gallon.
  • Shredded cheddar cheese, down 41 cents to $4.09 per pound.
  • Potatoes, down 27 cents to $2.66 for a 5-pound bag.
  • Boneless chicken breasts, down 5 cents to $3.05 per pound.

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