Benton Harbor officials release body cam video of officer-involved shooting

(Photo supplied/Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety)

The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety has released the body camera video of Tuesday morning’s officer-involved shooting.

The video is very dark as there wasn’t a lot of light in the area. The only light available was from the porch lights in the area and officer’s flashlights, according to Benton Harbor DPS.

The video shows officers preparing to clear the scene of a the house on the 900 block of Pavone. From 12 seconds in to 26 seconds, the audio is muted to protect the identity of a witness talking to police.

The gunfire starts at 47 seconds. Officers then start running for cover. One officer pointed a handgun in the direction of the gunfire, but was NOT the officer that engaged Darius Wimberly. The Benton Harbor DPS confirmed Wimberley was the man who shot at the officers.

The BHDPS says they are supporting Wimberly’s family and asks people to respect their right to privacy.

WARNING: The below video is graphic in nature and does contain graphic language


  1. You mean as opposed to people who were there?

    I’m sure he was a good boy with a bright future, if only the police wouldn’t defend themselves. /sarc


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