Plea deal imminent for one of suspects involved in Kosciusko County Sheriff case


A special prosecutor overseeing the intimidation and bribery case involving Kosciousko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine and others says one of the suspects is ready to plead.

Nelson Chipman wrote in court documents that he is confident a plea agreement is forthcoming between the state and Kevin Bronson.” A Jan. 26 deadline has been set for a plea deal for Bronson, according to News Now Warsaw.

Bronson was indicted with Rovenstine and former Grace College professor Mark Soto in February. Bronson and Soto are accused of threatening people to fund a movie that would have been about Bronson’s conversion to Christianity. Rovenstine is accused of giving special privileges to Soto and Bronson while Bronson was in jail.

Rovenstine’s trial on 10 felony charges, including intimidation, official misconduct, nad bribery is scheduled for February. Soto is set for a joint jury trial with Bronson in April in Elkhart Superior Court.



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