New driver safety campaign to “Put The Phone Down” begins


With construction again underway the Indiana Toll Road, along with Reith-Riley, The Indiana Motor Truck Association and Indiana State Police teamed together to create the “Put the Phone Down” website and campaign to improve traveler and worker safety.

They are asking everyone who drives on the Indiana Toll Road to take a pledge to put the phone down.

The first 1,000 individuals who take the pledge will be receiving a “Put the Phone Down” magnet. The pledge site went live today, March 9, 2017.

“We are so excited to partner this year with ITRCC on the ‘Put the Phone Down’ campaign to reduce distracted driving on this roadway that is important to all of us,” said Gary Langston, president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association. “Through the combined efforts of all our partners here, we’ll prevent countless accidents, injuries and deaths. And, we will save time and expenses that distracted driving accidents sap from all of us.”

The goal of the pledge site is to reach 2,017 pledges by the end of the year.


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