Michiana health rankings mixed in latest annual report

("stethoscope" by PROjasleen_kaur, CC BY-SA 2.0)

County-by-county health rankings have been released for Indiana and Michigan.

The numbers from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation rank Hamilton County at the top of the state’s 92 counties, and Scott County in the southeast part of the state at the bottom.

The rankings for counties in Michiana were mixed. Near the bottom were LaPorte County at 77th, and Starke at 86th. St. Joseph County was ranked 54th, with Elkhart and Kosciusco in the 30s. Marshall County was the healthiest in Michiana, landing at 16th on the list for overal health.

In Michigan, Ottawa County was tops, and Wayne…home of Detroit…the worst. Berrien finished 64th out of Michigan’s 83 counties, with Cass at 36th.

For a complete breakdown of county rankings across the nation, click here.


  1. I don’t remember being questioned for this report. I wonder how this information is gathered with all of the HIPPA laws. Surely this information can’t be obtained any other way than with a signed release by each person questioned. How many were questioned? 3…


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