Pro-life group calls on U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly to denounce own party

(Photo supplied/U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly)

A U.S. Senator from Indiana facing a potentially tough re-election campaign next year is being pressured to denounce his own party.

Specifically, pro-life group Indiana Right to Life wants Senator Joe Donnelly to denounce the Democratic Party for awarding a Lifetime Achievement Award to outgoing Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky CEO Betty Cockrum. She’ll be receiving the award on Friday at a dinner in Indianapolis.

Donnelly is a Roman Catholic who has professed to be pro-life, although Indiana Right to Life claims he blocks such legislation at “every opportunity.” The group claims Cockrum oversaw an estimated 100,000 abortions.

Though he was listed as the second-most bipartisan member of the Senate in a study last week, Donnelly was also identified in another study as the “most vulnerable” Senator up for re-election next year.


  1. Indiana Right to Life is obviously kind of stupid! Everyone knows that Joe plays the middle so he can go towards the most beneficial side at a moments notice. If he denounced his own party he would no longer be in the middle. At least he occasionally votes the way he said he would. You can’t expect the fact the Joe is catholic would mean that he would side with these people out in the open! Geeez! Political gains always out weigh religious convictions. Everyone knows that!

  2. Compromising one’s faith for the sake of keeping power….at least Cockrum had upheld “values”. You are far worse Donnelley, you hate abortion in the face of the cross, but applaud it, (woman’s right to choose…pick your proxy) when standing in front of a ballot box.

    May got have mercy on your soul…but only after he processes the millions of infant souls you have sent to the grave.

  3. EVERYONE knows this man has to uphold the party platform. It is ALL about the party platform. Hello people! Democrat platform allows the killing of babies by abortion. Maybe Donnoly needs to get out of a party that does not align with his values and conscious. Get out of the party that is taking us to bigger government, less personal freedoms and down the road to full blown socialism. I suggest everyone dust off their high school copy of 1984 and get reading!


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