Indiana University to launch study on climate change


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana University is launching a new $55 million effort to study the impact of climate change that could have a profound impact on agriculture, industry and quality of life in the state.

University President Michael McRobbie announced the plans Wednesday. School officials say the effort could help mitigate the impact of climate change, which can alter weather patterns, the migration of invasive species and lead to extreme weather.

The effort will lead to the hiring of new instructors and is supported by some major businesses, including diesel engine maker Cummins Inc.

Biology Professor Ellen Ketterson will oversee the research. She hopes it will lead to solutions for flooding caused by increasingly severe weather, allow farmers to better cope with changes in pollination and help stop the spread of avian disease.


  1. How do I get 55 million dollars to study something that is pointless? I want to study the effect of crappy studies at massive expense on my mood! Can I get 55 million for that? By the time the study is completed in 25 years we will all be freezing to death. I am 52 years old. When I was in grade school and junior high the idiot government was telling us we were going into another ice age and would all freeze to death. At least this time most of us like the outcome of the fictitious global warming cause by humans. We can be the new Florida here in Northern Indiana.

    What a waste of money, time and resources.

  2. As an IU alumni I can say that I will not donate another dime to a college that wastes its time pushing fake science and political agendas…not a single dime.


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