Planned Parenthood suing Indiana over underage abortion law


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky is suing over a new Indiana law that makes it tougher for girls under age 18 to get an abortion without their parents’ knowledge.

The federal lawsuit filed Thursday by Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana says the law is unconstitutional and seeks to block some of its provisions from taking effect July 1.

Gov. Eric Holcomb, who signed the law April 25, has called the measure a “parental rights issue.”

The law requires judges considering giving a minor permission to have an abortion to also consider whether her parents should be notified.

Betty Cockrum is Planned Parenthood’s local president. She says the law “will have a chilling effect on teenagers already dealing with a difficult situation.”


  1. We certainly don’t want to have a “chilling effect on teenagers already dealing with a difficult situation.” Interpretation: Little Debbie got pregnant and is afraid of what her parents will say or do so planned parenthood doesn’t think little Debbie should have to tell her parents even if she wants an abortion. Little Debbie can’t decide to have sex legally because our government decided she has no mental capacity to make an adult decision like that but at the same time this same government has laws that allow little Debbie to make an adult decision about her pregnancy or termination of it. Are you serious?
    Our government destroys everything they are in control of. I know, lets have government telling our kids what they can and can’t do and just leave the parents out of it. WTF! Why do we let these idiots do this stuff? American families are being destroyed systematically by our government. They have already destroyed minorities so now on to everyone else I guess. Planned parenthood is as big a mess as the federal government and shouldn’t be aloud to speak to “children” without a parent present.


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