Vehicle stolen from Concord Mall with children inside recovered in DeKalb County

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UPDATE: The vehicle stolen from Concord Mall on Friday, June 30, with two children inside at the time, has been recovered in DeKalb County.

The vehicle, which was parked in a parking lot, was called in as a suspicious vehicle.

At the time the vehicle was recovered the license plate had been removed from the vehicle.

As of Suday night, the suspect has not been located or identified.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two children who were inside an SUV that was stolen from the parking lot at Concord Mall are safe, but the police continue their search for the vehicle.

It happened around 3: 45 p.m.on Friday, June 30, according to the Elkhart Police Department.

The woman who police say stole the vehicle dropped the teenager and baby off at the McDonald’s in the 1700 block of Elkhart Road in Goshen.

The children were unharmed.

The Elkhart Police Department released the following information about the case:

On Friday June 30, 2017 at 3:50 PM officers were dispatched to 3701 South Main Street, the parking lot of Concord Mall, in regards to a motor vehicle theft. Officers were further advised there were two children, 15-years-old and 10 months, in the vehicle when it was stolen.

The victim reported she parked her vehicle (2008 Honda) in the parking lot of the Concord Mall and ran inside to make a purchase. Her 15 year old daughter and 10 month old daughter waited in the vehicle while she ran inside.

While inside the victim received a FaceTime from her daughter during which she could not see her daughter but heard her talking and what sounded like the vehicle driving. The victim immediately went outside and found her vehicle and children missing. The victim called 911 and reported to the dispatched what had happened.

Officers from the Elkhart Police Department and the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department immediately responded to the area. Moments after the police arrived the victim received another FaceTime from her daughter that advised they had been dropped off at McDonalds, 1706 Elkhart Road, Goshen Indiana. Police immediately responded to the McDonalds where the children were located, unharmed.

The 15 year old daughter reported they were inside the vehicle when the suspect got into the driver seat. The suspect stated she had a gun, but didn’t show it, and told the 15 year old to get out of the vehicle.

The 15 year-old told the suspect she was not getting out because her younger sister was in the vehicle. The suspect then drove off with the 15 year old and 10 month old in the vehicle. The 15 year old told the suspect to let them out, which eventually happened at the McDonalds located at 1706 Elkhart Road, Goshen Indiana.

After being dropped off the suspect fled in the vehicle.

The vehicle was a black 2008, Honda CRV, with a Cubs Sticker in the rear window and license plate 982DDX.

The accused was described as a white female with brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing a pink tank top.

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