Drivers warned to “lock it or lose it” to prevent car theft


Auto thefts are on the rise in Michigan. In 2016, Michigan reported 20,477 stolen vehicles and current data indicates that 2017 is on track to potentially surpass those numbers according to The Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority.

In addition to locking your vehicle and taking keys with you, the agency says these precautions could lessen the likelihood of you becoming a victim of auto theft:

  • Closing windows when your vehicle is parked
  • Avoiding leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially where they can be seen
  • Not leaving your vehicle running unattended
  • Parking in well-lit areas
  • Keeping your vehicle in your garage, if possible
  • Keeping exterior house lights on at night
  • Installing a car alarm or using a theft deterrent device like a steering wheel lock or gear shift column lock

The agency says drivers should also keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles in their neighborhoods.

They say people purchasing or selling a vehicle on an online sales site should complete the transaction during business hours at a police department or Secretary of State office. THey also suggest people never invite strangers to their homes or meet in non-public places and to inspect the vehicle title closely before purchase and if anything looks odd, postpone the sale.


  1. This article left out the best auto theft deterrent. Everyone needs to become a licensed to carry gun owner and put out motion detectors near their car that only alert the car owner when suspicious movement is detected. That way you can shot the thief (s) while they are in the act of stealing your car. Word would spread and car thefts would drastically go down. So simple!


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