Michigan City Council President resigns amid controversy


The President of the Michigan City Common Council has resigned just a few days after he made a post on Facebook regarding sexual harassment deemed controversial, according to WNDU.

Chris Schwanke posted on Facebook:

“What’s up with all this sexual harassment against men??? I have been harassed as a man, a councilmen, a business owner, and a person!!! Suck it up buttercup, move on!!! Unless you were physically attacked, you have no case. Ok, I’m done with it!!”

The post was since removed, according to The News-Dispatch.

Schwanke told The News-Dispatch that the recent harassment cases making news are an attack on men as a whole and he’s concerned because reputations and careers are being destroyed based on accusations, not fact.

The Mayor of Michigan City told The News-Dispatch he believes Schwanke was out of line and not representing the city with his comments.

WNDU reports Schwanke also posted he had been exploring opportunities in another state and he has decided to move.


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