Mayor Pete Buttigieg on building the city’s future, the anniversary of LimeBike, and more

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

The mayor stopped by Tuesday morning to chat with Mark McGill on Michiana’s Morning News.

They discussed some of the growth potential in the city, the first anniversary of LimeBike, fire prevention efforts by the South Bend Fire Department, and the Citizen’s Police Academy.


  1. Hey Mayor Pete,
    We want to know which one of your friends you are trying to give the Bare Hands Brewing Company property as the City of South Bend reneges on the deal. Mishawaka welcomes business with open arms while South Bend puts up barricades and chases businesses away. Perhaps you can erect new signs at the cities border stating, “Welcome to South Bendover, Indiana”

  2. princess booty-judge is a disgusting piece of trash. And his championing the lime bikes – PLEASE!! Those are an eyesore on the community. They are often just piles of metal trash strewn in places all over the city.


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