City of South Bend unveils preferred parking for bikeshares

(Photo supplied/LimeBike)

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, along with representatives from Lime (formerly LimeBike), Michiana Area Council of Governments and the University of Notre Dame marked Lime’s one-year anniversary on Monday, July 30, with an unveiling of preferred parking that city leaders have developed for bikeshares.

The first location for the new bike share parking is the southwest corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Michigan Street between Notre Dame Federal Credit Union and Idle Hours Bookshop in downtown South Bend.

Two additional locations will be implemented in the coming weeks. One will be directly north of the County-City Building while the other will be located outside the Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc. offices, located at 1007 Portage Avenue.

City leaders hope preferred parking for bikeshares will become a solution to better organize shared bikes throughout South Bend.

The preferred parking locations were picked based on areas where bikes are most often left.

In its first year in South Bend, Lime saw close to 43,000 riders for more than 290,000 rides, which equates to roughly 132,000 miles. So far in the month of July, there have been around 18,000 rides.

In July 2017, Lime launched its third deployment of bikes in South Bend to provide residents and visitors with another mode of transportation.

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Paul July 30, 2018 at 11:26 am

Who thinks that the idiots that ride those stupid bikes will comply??? The ONLY idiot who may believe it is princess booty-judge!!

Keith Norwick July 30, 2018 at 3:34 pm

To help with the bikes laying all around the city, why dont they implement some sort of “Deposit” System. Kind of like AlDI’s and thier shopping carts. Deposit a quarter, and once the cart is back in its docking system, you get your quarter back.

Im sure they could require like a $5.00 or less deposit, and once the bike was put back into its proper place, some of the money would be refunded.

Sounds like the ONLY way to keep people from just laying them all around the city…


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