Mishawaka, LaGrange police investigating park vandalism cases


Vandalism cases in two different communities are being investigated by police.

In Mishawaka, police are investigating vandalism at Central and Merrifield Parks.

They say it took place in a series of incidents that date back to the end of April. The latest incident happened Tuesday night at Merrifield Park, where several juveniles ripped out the soap dispensers and egged the bathrooms.

As many as 10 kids caused damage at Central Park, wrecking the playground equipment and causing damage to the restrooms, including lighting the toilet paper on fire.

Police have video surveillence clearly showing the suspects’ faces.

In LaGrange, police have identified two people of interest in a spray painting incident at LaGrange Town Park. Autumn Long and Kaine Stauffer are being sought by police.


  1. The parents of the little angels who destroyed and defaced Mishawaka parks need to provide money or physical labor to clean it up. The kids need to help and their faces plastered on t.v. When kids act like this they should not be protected.


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