Indiana BMV license plate renewal stickers could go away


A bill that would save taxpayers million of dollars by eliminating vehicle registration stickers is moving forward.

Each year, Hoosiers pay to renew their vehicle registrations and receive the decals from the B.M.V to place on their license plates.

The production and postage to mail these decals cost taxpayers more than $6 million dollars annually. However, the state only collects only $300,000 in fines from those driving with expired plates each year.

Under the bill, the B.M.V. would be tasked with the responsibility of figuring out how they could make the transition to electronic vehicle registration by August.

That way, state police wouldn’t need the stickers to see if a plate is expired.


  1. So we the tax payers will pay more for plates because of the registration being electronic. And the state will collect more money because it will be easier for them to tell if you have expired plates. That’s a win-win for the state and once again a loss for the taxpayers.

    • I don’t like the electronic bull crap that’s bull I had a license one time and because of all our great technology now that people swear by I got my license suspended but then when I had to pay to get them back I couldn’t get it waved even though it was the states fault in the first place so you can stick the electronic crap.

  2. Same way with mailing out drivers license, not cost effective either, instead of producing them while you wait like they used to do

  3. I never really hear about identify theft.
    Mailing all of those valuable pieces of info is really crazy.
    How are we protected from that type of theft.


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