SBPD looking for burglars that failed at burgling

south bend police
(Krystal Vivian/95.3 MNC)

South Bend Police are looking for two men that broke into a hardware store, but ultimately left empty handed. It happened at The Builders Store on Mishawaka Ave.

Surveillance video shows one of those men throwing a brick through the front window and reaching in to grab the first thing he could get his hands on. That happened to be a lawnmower. Unbeknownst to the would-be burglar the lawnmower was tied down and wasn’t going anywhere. Video shows the suspect pulling hard on the lawn mower several times before finally falling over in defeat and fleeing the scene.

While nothing was stolen the shop was left with the bill for the broken window. Anyone with information is urged to call South Bend Police or Crimestoppers. You can find the suspects image here with WSBT.


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