Part of Indiana Dunes National Park has been closed

("indiana-dunes-state-park-1848559" by Adam Asar, Public Domain)

The National Park Service has closed part of Indiana Dunes National Park until further notice.

The national park beach and its parking lot area at Porter Beach have been closed due to unsafe health conditions.

Dig The Dunes says the closure is related to overcrowding, unsafe sanitation practices, and a lack of social distancing. The park is reminding visitors that they should comply with the safe distance recommendations from the CDC and Governor Holcomb.

All of the park trails and most of the national park’s beaches remain open, and Park Rangers will patrol the area and charge those violating the order.

More information on the park can be found at:


  1. Good thing we live in a “free” country. They apparently have the “right” to arbitrarily close just certain beaches and just certain places…Can you say “OVER REACH” because that is what we are witnessing. These morons will keep going until we stop them and we better do it soon.


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