Gov. Holcomb signs executive orders in the wake of violence, death following protests

(Photo supplied/State of Indiana)

Governor Eric Holcomb has signed executive orders to protect Hoosiers, properties and businesses as the result of two nights of violence, following peaceful protests in Indiana.

The Governor:

  • Signed Executive Order 20-29 to lift restrictions on local declarations of emergency that had been instituted as a part of the stay at home and back on track orders pertaining to COVID-19. This order, effective as of 11 a.m. today, allows local governments to place more stringent travel restrictions than the state has in place. A link to the order may be found at:
  • Directed members of the Indiana National Guard to be on standby to assist communities across the state, if requested. Gov. Holcomb verbally activated the Indiana National Guard Reactionary Force company to be available to assist local communities Saturday, however no deployment was requested. Several hundred Guard members remain on standby.
  • Ordered members of the Guard, supported by Indiana State Police, to establish a presence at state properties in Indianapolis to protect them from further damage.

“At my order, the Indiana National Guard stands ready to assist local communities in need to protect the public and property, and I am deploying Guard members to protect state property beginning today,” said Gov. Holcomb. “Organized protests have taken place across the state without incident but the events that have followed, particularly in Indianapolis, have devastated businesses, defaced public monuments that are centuries old, and resulted in loss of life.”


  1. I don’t know how to rid this country of racism, but Vandalism, Fires, Violence, Destruction and Looting distracts from the injustices. The people involved in the riots solved nothing accept to take the attention away from those who have lost their lives to racism. Please STOP the distractions because BLM!

  2. According to
    Police shootings by race in us
    2017 2018 2019 2020
    White 457 399 370 42
    Black 223 209 235 31
    Hispanic179 148 158 13
    Other 44 36 39 3
    Unknown84 204 202 13


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