South Bend police disciplinary matrix approved by Board of Public Safety

(Photo supplied/South Bend Police)

South Bend’s Board of Public Safety has approved the recently completed police discipline matrix, and the vote was unanimous.

The matrix was the work of months and months of collaborative effort from inside the city, police department, and the public. It lays out in a public document disciplinary steps that will be taken against officers that are caught breaking procedure.

In total it has six different tears ranging from small infractions like tardiness and rude comments all the way to deliberate and reckless weapons discharges.

Discussion about the matrix started last year, and in previous interviews with 95.3 MNC South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski has said it is meant to be a living document; that will be up to scrutiny and regularly reviewed and changed when appropriate and necessary

The full matrix is available online here


  1. Time to leave, SBPD officers! Your administration abandons you, your “residents” hate you, and your figureheads can’t defend you.

    It’s time to go where you are appreciated and let South Bend descend into the chaos it craves.


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