Women at center of alleged groping incident trying to sue Curtis Hill again


The federal lawsuit by four women who accuse Indiana state Attorney General Curtis Hill of groping them in 2018, at a party in Indianapolis following the end of the legislative session, was dismissed. But, the women are not giving up. They have sued again, this time in state court.

The lawsuit document states in its opening that the suit was filed in Marion County, because all of the “unlawful acts” occurred there.

The lawsuit alleges the former Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney of battery, defamation and false light invasion of privacy.

The lawsuit says the women are seeking monetary damages from Hill, though it does not specify how much. It also seeks to have Hill take back all statements made by him that the women consider defamatory, which Hill essentially had to do in accepting his discipline from the Indiana Supreme Court.

Hill was forced to take a one-month hiatus from his job, but remained in office, after his law license was suspended for one month.

The federal suit was dismissed because the accusations against Hill by the women did not meet the legal standard to be a violation of federal law.

The women accusing Hill of groping and defamation are Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster); and three women employed by the state legislature: Nikki DaSilva; Smantha Lazano; and Gabrielle McLemore.

Hill was defeated for the Republican nomination for attorney general by former Congressman and Secretary of State Todd Rokita.


  1. The beer goggles must have been thick that night. All Democrats except DaSilva, and even she is a big spending sociologist RINO. Given the orchestrated Kavanaugh hearings and the media-fed Moore debacle, it was enough to make me wonder if this was just another hoax…

  2. These women to to find a hobby. If I were the judge that this nonsense was brought before I would fine all the women and make them pay all court costs for Hill. Then I would recomend Hill sue all the women, Greedy as% Bi^&%$s!!!Anything for a buck but we are supposed to see them as the heros I guess. What crap!!! If hill was a random lowlife in a bar that rode his moped to get there…these women would have not even noticed they were being hit on nor would they have sued asnd tried to find the guys job and get him fired…All politics as usual. Just another reason to always hire the most qualified even if it means you hire all men.


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