Logansport man gets wallet back after crews wade through trash


A Logansport man whose cash-filled wallet was accidentally thrown out got it back last week after a crew waded through tons of trash to recover it.

Robert Nolte said his wallet ended up in the trash Thursday when he asked a friend to throw out a pair of green camouflage pants that were covered in white paint. After the trash was taken away, Nolte realized his wallet was missing and that it was still inside his camo pants.

Nolte then called city code enforcement officer Johnny Quinones and explained the situation.

Initially, Quinones told him there would be “no way to find it.” However, Quinones still worked with a crew to find the pants after discovering which driver collected Nolte’s trash. They made their way through 9 tons of garbage dumped onto a concrete slab, looking for the pants.

They eventually found the pants at the bottom of the trash pile, with the wallet still in one of its pockets.

Nolte attempted to give Quinones a $100 bill for finding the wallet. However, Quinones refused to accept it, instead saying “God will do me better down the road.”


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