Face mask order extended until March 31 in St. Joseph County

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

St. Joseph County’s face mask ordinance is now extended until the end of March.

It’s not an unexpected move by the health department which says that until the COVID-19 vaccine is more widely available, face coverings are the best way to stop the spread.

The order extension also requires businesses to have hand sanitizer accessible at the entrance and near high-touch surfaces.


  1. How utterly unfortunate for The People that politicians at all levels blindly follow the propaganda coming from Federal and state health officials. I have yet to see any proof that masks do any good except to virtue signal your care for others. A journals, a real journalist, did a study in Tennessee. Tennessee does not have a state wide masquerade. He looked at the infections rates in 16-20 contiguous counties. Half had mask mandates and half did not. Guess what. the infection rates or positive test rate was nearly identical being within one-one-hundredth percent of each other. So again, how exactly does the mask mandate do anything at all except give the Karens of our society the ability to point fingers. This is not way to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.


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