Donnelly, Upton tweet about Election challenge

"Vote!" by H. Michael Karshls, some rights reserved

A pair of area politicians are speaking up as some politicians in the nation’s capital continue to criticize the results of the election.

Former Senator Joe Donnelly, who lost his seat to Senator Mike Braun in 2018, is criticizing his former opponent’s decision to object to the electoral college vote. Donnelly said Monday that Indiana has a long history of serious, hard-working U.S. Senators, and said it was stunning that Hoosiers now have a Senator who is trying to overthrow the Electoral College results and the election of President-Elect Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, long-serving Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan tweeted Monday that Voters – not judges or politicians – must decide elections. He warned that there is a danger of establishing a precedent of Congress superseding the will of the people.


  1. Donnelly is unctuous, a Democrat operative through and through. Of course he will side with the fraud, and then accuse the other side of trying to steal the election! It’s quite incredible (if you don’t understand how the Democrats operate).

    Upton is just another useful idiot to the left trotting out the tired line of “there was no fraud” even as they shut their eyes and plug their ears…

  2. Joe has no problem with breaking the law unless he gets caught.
    Ex. not paying employee S.S. taxes for his business until he ran for office first time and had to pay up.

  3. Sen Braun is actually doing what the IN people want him to do. He’s working to protect our election results from fraud and cheaters in other states.

    Joe D can take a flying leap.


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