Indiana State Trooper helps woman deliver baby on toll road


An unexpected highway delivery.

A semi driver pulled over on the Indiana Toll Road, and ran across the highway to an Indiana State Trooper saying his wife may be in labor.

Trooper Thomas Maymi called for an ambulance, and followed the man, Carl Robertson, back to the semi.

When he saw the woman, Shaniqua Traywick, he said it became clear that there was not enough time to take her to a hospital. He helped her with her contractions until LaPorte County EMS arrived and the baby was delivered.

Traywick and her baby were taken to LaPorte Hospital, and are okay.

She made Thomas their son’s middle name, after Maymi who helped them. The baby’s full name is Malaki Thomas Robertson.

Maymi said he was glad he was in the right place at the right time.


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