Goshen Common Council issues resolution supporting “Domestic Tranquility”

(Photo Supplied/The City of Goshen)

On Tuesday, the Goshen Common Council passed a resolution in support of “Domestic Tranquility.” They described it as a resolution that focuses on the ability to communicate despite the anger that can come up during political discussions.

The Elkhart Truth reports the pro-tranquility measure was a response to the deadly takeover of the U.S. Capitol by insurrectionists and the threats of violence that surrounded the Biden inauguration.

A Goshen woman was part of the mob that stormed the Capitol earlier this month, and posted a video to social media that called the police who defended Congress “enemies of the people.”


  1. Bull-puck! Where was the Goshen Common Council’s call for “domestic tranquility” after 9 months of actual burning/looting/murders/rioting by BLMantifa?

    Somehow that was A-OK, but a bunch of Trump supporters walking around between the velvet ropes in the capitol was a terrible riot that mandated a tranquility resolution?

    Hypocrites. Morons. Hypocritical morons, all of them.


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