250 Indiana National Guard Troops to remain in D.C. through March

(Photo supplied/Indiana National Guard)

250 of Indiana’s National Guard soldiers will be staying in Washington D.C. through March.

The troops were deployed by Governor Holcomb on January 13 as part of a force of 25 thousand from across the country called up to protect the Inauguration. This was in response to the January 6 insurrection attempt at the Capitol.

More than 400 men and women of the Indiana National Guard returned to the Hoosier State on Monday. Those who remain in Washington D.C. will serve there until the end of March.


  1. Where are they going to find 250 Hoosiers who Sniffy Biden doesn’t consider to be right wing extremist terrorists? /sarcasm

  2. Just using troops for curb appeal. ” We the people” are ignorant uneducated hicks that must be punished and publically humiliated so we know not to try disagreeing using our politically incorrect speech. Try having an honest debate, seriously try. Any chances of reasoning and facts you know and support will be labelled and belittled not because you are wrong. No no no… it’s because you are a racist…no no no your a Nazi…no no no you’re a this and a that and that other thing. Its not being debated and weighed for any merit. It doesn’t fit our self righteous hidden agenda disguised as ” there there we know what’s best for you. Here’s your sign now go sit under the label we put on your box and point at the other labels you’re not. Make sure to fight amongst the other labels…. Thats good good kids. I’ll promise the moon and never do anything with the taxes from those evil capitalists I told you about on the media cartoons we show.” Don’t think for yourselves or attempt critical thinking. You just might make way too much sense and catch on to the bigger picture. Please relax a little kick your feet up and take a deep breath and slowly let it out. I have found turning off the media in all forms for only a little…half hour or hour…all the spinning garbage being fed is just that. Garbage. It will give some well deserved clarity of what being force fed to us all. I hate all this us and them bullshit. Yeah I said it because its not politically incorrect to say its all bullshit when its all bullshit. I’ve never hated or felt scared of a good argument or discussion of what this country can do to improve. I don’t agree with all of what has happened in my lifetime where we live and don’t know anyone who has. But at least if i disagree with it.. I understand what the logic and reasoning is behind it. The greatest country on earth is a youngster in the world in alot of ways. But we are foreward thinkers. We are adult enough when mistakes have been made to admit the mistakes and work towards the good of all to correct it. Not ever going to be over- night, fast food, quick and easy, NEVER! I truly believe most love their family and friends and some of their neighbors at least. That over laps and unites us as a country. I may not know you, or agree with anyone100%, but I am proud to have served this country for all our families. Not just for us or for just them but every family here. Im going to shut up and end my rambling. Hopefully it makes sense because I have no intention on proof reading this. Lets be the land proud to be “we the people” and not fall into this ” we have assumed control” downward spiral. I love my kids my woman and my mom and my country. If that offends you, oh well. I’ll behave myself.

  3. Trump was definately a loon but he is the only person in all of D.C. that cared about the American people. The “SWAMP” is big and growing at an alarming rate. Bidden will do far more to ruin America than Obama was able too. The Left crys wolf all the time just to deflect what they have done or are about to do. The news made sure to keep the stories going about Trump using the military against Americans for his own personel gains…Didn’t happen but look who is actually doing it now…The left. They all make me sick to my stomach. America needs the scene from Independance day to happen for real. You know the scene when the aliens blow up all of D.C.

  4. I guess I cant reference a movie scene that shows D.C blowing up cause my post was deleted…as usual. No doubt the libs running this “news” page will delete this one as well…


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