Guilty plea in alleged Whitmer abduction plot

(Tommie Lee)

One of the six men charged in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor has entered a guilty plea.

Wednesday, Ty Garbin entered the plea about four months after the arrests were made. He admitted to an elaborate plot to abduct the governor from her lakeside vacation home and even destroy a bridge in order to slow down law enforcement.

His testimony is expected to help the government’s case against the other five alleged co-conspirators.

The FBI announced that they had broke up the plot against Whitmer in October. Six people were charged in federal court, and eight others were charged in state court with assisting the plot.


  1. Was this the guy with the Antifa signs, or was it the one with his picture in front of an anarchy flag?

    Just putting this out before the “right wing extremist nazi terrorists” lines come out from our illustrious media.


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