Michigan’s AG intervening in transfer of Palisades plant

(Photo supplied/Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

Michigan’s Attorney General is stepping in to intervene in the transfer of the Palisades Nuclear Plant and a spent waste storage site.

AG Dana Nessel says the Florida nuclear energy equipment company that is planning to take ownership of the two sites lacks the necessary money to effectively deal with the sites, and has underestimated the price tag of decommission.

Last week Nessel filed a petition to intervene with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Palisades and the fuel site in Charlevoix are currently owned by a company in Louisiana that is looking to sell them after the power plant closes next year.


  1. Wow, this must be really important if Dana Nessel took time away from her busy schedule of using government power to silence Election Fraud affiants…

    Don’t question the narrative or we’ll send you to jail!


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