Travel is up at The South Bend International Airport

"Allegiant Air 757" by Cory W. Watts, some rights reserved

Good news for the South Bend International Airport as numbers are returning to pre-pandemic levels. March and April were both big months for the airport, especially when considering where they had been the year before. In April of 2020 there were fewer than 1,500 passenger that boarded planes, but a year later that number was closer to 23,000 and in March of this year there was about 26,000.

Those numbers aren’t quite records for the airport, but they are about 90% of 2019 levels according to The South Bend Tribune.

If travel is in your future be aware, one thing that hasn’t changed is mask rules, per government regulations masks are still required in the terminal and on the plane.

Read more HERE with The South Bend Tribune


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