COVID numbers roaring back into the forefront in Indiana

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Department of Health)

COVID numbers are roaring back into the forefront in Indiana.

On Tuesday, The Hoosier State reported more than 1,085 new COVID-19 cases and 15 new deaths.

It’s the first time the state reported more than a thousand new daily cases in more than two months. The last time the state came close was with 929 new daily cases on May 20.

The State’s Department of Health says the delta variant, which is believed to be more transmissible, continues to make up the majority of recent cases. As of Tuesday about 87% of positive samples tested positive for delta, nearly 50% more than the positive samples last month.

The jump in numbers coincides with a lag in vaccinations across the state, with nearly 3 million eligible Hoosiers fully vaccinated but the average number of daily doses steadily dropping since May.



  1. They are not roaring back it’s about keeping people afraid so they need to stop with the scare tactics. So who ever is putting this out there is full of crap

  2. Stop the shots and the masking that doesn’t work,let this run its course. The CDC which is constantly changing its mind on things said that 74% of the new supposed cases are with people who HAVE BEEN VACCINATED, lol ,people they are bound and determined to keep this crap up indefinitely. Dont play into this and live your life. There is a 99% recovery rate for crying out loud. Enough already.

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