BLM South Bend, NAACP upset with putting mayor in charge of Community Police Review Board

(Photo supplied/South Bend Black Lives Matter)
Black Lives Matter South Bend and the NAACP are speaking out against a proposal to have the South Bend Common Council gives the mayor authority over the Community Police Review Office.
The whole issue over who oversees the board comes after it was revealed that the baord’s director Joshua Reynolds served 7 suspensions while working as an Indianapolis police officer — something the city clerk, who hired Reynolds, says she wasn’t aware of.
The Mayor says Reynolds should be fired.
BLM South Bend says if the mayor is in charge of the Police Review Office, that would tarnish the board’s political independence since the mayor also appoints the Chief of Police and members of the Board of Public Safety.


  1. It’s really strange to say this, but I actually agree with the NAACP and BLM on this one. It makes sense to enforce a separation of powers by placing control of the board under the Clerk and not the Mayor.

    Assuming, of course, that you think this review office is necessary in the first place…

  2. Im quite sure that worthless group of whiner would rather have someone who belive in their nonsense agenda! If their ” causes” were in any way valid, it shouldnt matter!!


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